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Prerelease FAQ

expand Question : The offender in the crime in which I was a victim received a 5 to 10 year sentence. Does he have to serve all 5 years in prison before being released? ‎(1)

​No. The offender may be eligible to reside in a community correction center one year before their minimum sentence. The offender could be in the community correction center in 4 years. If you are registered with the Office of the Victim Advocate you will be notified when the offender is considered for prerelease (such as community corrections center) and you will have the opportunity to provide prior input.

You will need to contact the Office of the Victim Advocate to register for notification and to provide input into any pre-release and or parole review of the offender.

expand Question : When is the offender in the case in which I was a victim going to be released on to parole? ‎(1)