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A Guide to Jail/Prison Process FAQ

expand Question : The offender in the criminal case in which I was a victim was sentenced to serve time in a state prison. I am still afraid of him and heard that he may get out and go to a community treatment center. How can I find out if this is true? ‎(1)

​First, you will want to contact the Office of the Victim Advocate to make sure you are registered to receive this type of notification. If you are registered, this information will automatically be provided to you by letter prior to any decisions being made about his early release. You will also have the opportunity to tell why you are afraid of him. Your information will be considered by the Department of Corrections before a decision concerning early release is made. When you call, this office will check the status of the offender and can let you know if he is being considered for any type of early release program. Second, if you are not registered, you may do so by calling the Office of the Victim Advocate.

Or you may also want to talk to an advocate at your local Victim Service Program who can help you register with PA SAVIN. Or you can call 1-866-972-7284 and register yourself. You will then be notified by telephone, at the number you provide, when that offender is released. Please note that if you register with PA SAVIN you will be notified of releases but you will not be notified concerning the opportunity to offer prior comment. That service is only provided to you when you register with the Office of the Victim Advocate.
expand Question : The person who assaulted me received a state sentence; however, they were permitted to serve their sentence in the county jail. Where can I go to find out when that person is going to be released? ‎(1)