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There may come a time when you are ready and want to talk about your experience as a victim of crime and its ripple effect on others. 

If so, you may want to become involved in the Impact of Crime Classes (ICC). The ICC is a program offered to inmates throughout Pennsylvania state prisons to raise awareness of the impact that crime has on victims and to increase the inmate’s level of accountability and empathy for those they have harmed.

The ICC will give you an arena to tell your story. Many victims of crime feel it is empowering to share their story, in the hope that it will have a positive effect and prevent crime in the future.

It can also be a way for you to honor your loved ones who may have been victimized by crime. It is an opportunity for you to go into the class and tell your personal story about the crime and your journey.

If you are interested in learning more about the classes, you can contact the Office of the Victim Advocate toll-free at (800) 322-4472.