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Being a victim of crime can be very hard and confusing. People may tell you things that you do not understand. You might not be able to remember things. This is all normal. There are people to help you. They are called victim advocates, who work in victim service programs.

Victim advocates ​will help you for free, make things easier to understand, and answer any of your questions. They can help you in many other ways, as well. You may receive services, even if you did not report the crime to police.

If you are a victim of crime or have been affected by a crime, you may receive help from an advocate from a Victim Service Program. If you do not want anyone in your county to know that you were a victim of crime, you may go to a Victim Service Program in another county.

Victim Service Programs

This map will provide you with all the victim service providers located in a particular county.  If you select or ‘click’ on a county with your mouse, an information box will appear on the services available in that county.  Please use the arrow (>) at the top of the information box to scroll through all the providers in the county.  Another option is to search the map by the name of the service provider, which you can do using the Search function located at the top left-hand side of the map.

If you are using Internet Explorer to access the map, please click this link

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