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There may come a time when you will want to talk to the person that committed the crime against you and express your feelings directly to them. 

Victim Offender Dialogue is a process that is just between you and the offender. If you want, you can let the offender know how the crime has affected your life and ask questions to which you have never been given answers. Some victims find this to be empowering, as the offenders are held directly accountable. 

Not only will the program give you a chance to confront the offender, it will also give the offender a chance to tell their story and accept responsibility for the crime. 

A face-to-face meeting will give the offender a chance to acknowledge their guilt, remorse, and other feelings. It is a way for them to learn that the crime against you was not just a disconnected act, but a violation against you. The dialogue will give the offender an opportunity to attempt to make things right and a chance to positively affect their future. 

If you do not want to meet face-to-face, there is the option to engage in "indirect dialogue." This form of dialogue would be a letter exchange between you and the offender. This program must be initiated by the victim, however the offender must agree to participate. 

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact the Office of the Victim Advocate at (800) 322-4472.