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County Sentence WALK THROUGH

The purpose of the walk through is to present a list of selectable options and the rights you have based on your choices from the selections provided. A PDF detailing all steps of this walk through is available below.


Community supervision is placing an offender under supervision, with rules set by a court for a specific time period during which:
  • the trial may be delayed without the offender admitting guilt;
  • a jail sentence is determined and the sentence is put off in part or all together; ora person is placed under supervision after being released from prison or jail, with rules set by the releasing authority for a specified period.
Community supervision provides an inexpensive means to hold offenders responsible, while at the same time addressing the causes of criminal behavior and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior.
Each part of community supervision - punishment, and services - is important to this approach. County community supervision departments develop restrictions, such as electronic monitoring, community work crews, day reporting centers, residential work centers, intermediate punishment, parole and intensive supervision programs. Services, such as alcohol/drug treatment, sex offender treatment, employment, and mental health services are also important for long-term behavioral change and public safety.