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The purpose of the walk through is to present a list of selectable options and the rights you have based on your choices from the selections provided. A PDF detailing all steps of this walk through is available below.

Capital Punishment 

When an offender is found guilty of first degree murder, they may be sentenced to the death penalty, also known as "capital punishment."
The appeal process for inmates serving execution sentences is long and complex. Although sentenced to death, an inmate may remain on "death row" for many years, during which time there may be multiple warrants signed (giving the authorization for the execution) and multiple stays (cancelling the execution date).
For more information about the daily life of capital case inmates and their appeal process, please see the Office of the Victim Advocate's brochure "Victim Information & Services on Capital Cases" located under "Resources, Capital Case Support" on their web site at
You can also view the Department of Corrections web site for more information on capital case inmates and the history of capital punishment in Pennsylvania at and click on "Death Penalty" on the left hand side.

You Have The Right

Up to four victims have the right to be present at the execution of an offender in their case, providing the victim has registered with and been selected by the Victim Advocate, Office of the Victim Advocate.