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The purpose of the walk through is to present a list of selectable options and the rights you have based on your choices from the selections provided. A PDF detailing all steps of this walk through is available below.


Parole is a conditional release that is granted by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole (PBPP). An offender is typically granted parole to a home plan (an approved residence of a friend or family member), a Community Corrections Center (CCC), or a residential treatment facility. The offender will remain on parole until the completion of his/her maximum sentence date.
When is an offender eligible for parole?
Every state sentenced offender with a minimum sentence will be reviewed for parole prior to his or her minimum sentence date. If approved, an offender is eligible to be released on parole on or after their minimum sentence date.
To receive notifications and to learn about your rights, you will need to register with the Office of the Victim Advocate.