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The purpose of the walk through is to present a list of selectable options and the rights you have based on your choices from the selections provided. A PDF detailing all steps of this walk through is available below.

State Sentence 

When an offender is sentenced to 2 years or more, this is considered a state sentence. The PA Board of Probation and Parole makes the decision to grant parole.
If the offender is given a sentence that is less than 24 months, it is considered a county sentence and the judge makes the decision regarding release.  
If you are a victim of a crime, you may have many questions about the prison/jail process and want to know what happens to the offender while they are in prison. You also may want to know and be kept up to date when the offender could be released.
To receive your rights and notifications on offenders while they are in prison:
  • if the offender is in a county jail, it is important for you to register with PA SAVIN.
  • if the offender is in a state prison, it is important for you to register with the Office of the Victim Advocate. Victims have the right to provide input into certain releases of the offender. Input is the right that crime victims, registered with OVA, have to provide information to PA DOC and PBPP decision makers about the ongoing impact of the crime when the offender in their case is being reviewed.

The Offender is serving time in a County Jail

The Offender is serving time in a State Prison