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Pleading FAQ

expand Question : The person who committed the crime against me was convicted but was found to be mentally ill and was sent to a state mental hospital. Will I be told of their release from the hospital? ‎(1)

​Yes you can register with the Department of Public Welfare Victim Notification Program and receive notice when they are released from the hospital, transferred or if they escape from the hospital. If the offender does escape you will also be notified when they are caught.

Since the offender was hospitalized at the time of sentencing you can contact the victim/witness coordinator in the district attorney’s office and request assistance in registering with the Program. The coordinator will provide you with an enrollment form that will require some basic information from you. The form also requests information about the offender that will need to be completed by the district attorney, jail warden, victim/witness coordinator or the Department of Corrections Office of Victim Services.
You can contact the Department of Public Welfare Victim Notification Program for more information.