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Prison Reform Rights FAQ

expand Question : Is there a chance the offender in my case could be released early and will I be told? ‎(1)

​Yes there is a chance the offender could be released early. There is a new sentence called Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive, which means eligible offenders can receive a reduction of their sentence if they complete specific programs, have a positive adjustment to prison and an adequate reentry plan.

Not all offenders are eligible. An offender who commits a violent offense such as a sexual assault, aggravated assault, or homicide are not eligible; however, the district attorney’s office may wish to waive the eligibility requirement and ask the court to sentence the offender to RRRI. Yes, you have the right to be notified of the district attorneys intent and to provide input prior to the decision being made to waive the requirement.

If the offender has already been sentenced you will need to contact the Office of the Victim Advocate to register for notification and provide input into any pre-release parole review of the offender.