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Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse and Neglect

The following are signs and symptoms of elder abuse and neglect:

The older person might: 

  • have bruises, burns, cuts or more serious injuries like a broken hip or cracked rib;
  • appear dehydrated or thin and malnourished;
  • be over-medicated, confused or shaking; or
  • need dental care, or missing needed eye glasses.

The older person might act:

  • afraid all the time or very nervous;
  • withdrawn or unwilling to talk;
  • depressed, ashamed or overly embarrassed; or
  • confused, panicked or lost.

The older person’s family or caregiver might:

  • neglect to provide medication or access to proper medical care;
  • not keep the older person properly dressed or clean;
  • display violent behavior or excessive anger; or
  • have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

 Signs of financial exploitation might include:  

  • sudden bank account closing or withdrawals;
  • abrupt changes in an older person’s will; or
  • an older person living in poverty or without proper care even though he or she has adequate financial resources.