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The Guilty Person Is Sentenced FAQ

expand Question : I want to tell the judge know how much the crime affected me – will I have that opportunity? ‎(1)

​Yes. The victim/witness coordinator from the district attorney’s office should be able to assist you in completing a Victim Impact Statement (VIS). A VIS is a statement that you prepare to let the sentencing judge know how the crime has affected you physically, psychologically and economically. If the offender is found guilty or pleads guilty, you can either read your VIS in court or submit it in writing for the judge. You will need to talk to the victim/witness coordinator about helping you prepare the VIS and how you want to have it presented in court.

expand Question : It is almost time for the person who assaulted me to be released from the county jail, how can I find out when he is going to be released? ‎(1)
expand Question : The person who assaulted me pled guilty and is being sentenced next week. He has been in jail since he was arrested. How will I find out if he will have to stay in jail after he is sentenced or if he will be released? ‎(1)

​You have a right to be told this information if you ask for it. If the victim/witness coordinator from the district attorney’s office has not contacted you yet, you may want to contact the coordinator from that Victim Service Program and request to be notified if the offender is released at sentencing.