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The Suspect Is Prosecuted by the DA FAQ

expand Question : How will I know what is happening with the case, in which I was a victim, now that the district attorney is going to prosecute? ‎(1)

As a victim of crime you should receive a letter from the victim/witness coordinator in the district attorney’s office telling you what is happening with the case. If you do not hear from the coordinator, you may want to contact the Victim Service Program for information.

expand Question : I’m nervous about attending the trial of my offender; can someone go to court with me? ‎(1)
expand Question : I’ve heard that sometimes district attorney’s will drop charges against offenders. I do not want this to happen – what can I do? ‎(1)

You are correct that the district attorney may drop or reduce charges that have been filed against the offender. If you were the victim of a personal injury crime or burglary, you do have the right to give prior comment on the potential reduction or dropping of charges or any changes of a plea in the criminal case. Although the victim/witness coordinator  in the district attorney’s office should notify you about this, you may want to contact the Victim Service Program in the district attorney’s office to talk to the coordinator about your concerns. 

expand Question : When the police were investigating the crime, they recovered some of my property but kept it as evidence. When will I get it back? ‎(1)