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There is no Suspect or there is Insufficient Evidence for Arrest

No Suspect/Insufficient Evidence

There are times when, no matter how long the investigation lasts or how hard the investigators work, a suspect cannot be found. There are also cases where there is a lack of evidence for the police to either find a suspect or make an arrest. This is not the fault of the investigators, nor is it your fault.

Even though the technology investigators use today has greatly improved over the past ten or twenty years, there are still suspects who will never be caught. The television shows that are broadcast today have suspects found, arrested, tried and convicted in 30 minutes. This is not the case in the real world. For your piece of mind, stay in contact with the police department that is investigating your incident. Ask them what the status of your case is. See if there have been any recent updates. However, do not give up hope.

If there is a suspect, you may have the option to start a civil action against this person. The suspect does not have to be arrested by the police before you file the civil process paperwork. You will need the suspect's name and address prior to filing.