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Adjudication Hearing

The first requirement for an adjudication hearing is that a petition be filed alleging that the juvenile committed a delinquent act. If the juvenile is detained, the adjudicatory hearing must be held within ten days of the filing of the petition.

During an adjudicatory hearing, the court will hear evidence on the petition, alleging the juvenile committed a delinquent act, or accept an admission to the facts of the case. The court conducts adjudicatory hearings without a jury.

Within seven days of hearing the evidence on the petition or accepting an admission, the court must enter a finding specifying which, if any, offenses were committed by the juvenile.

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y​ou have the right

In addition to the rights that have already been listed, you have the right to be notified of certain significant actions or proceedings in the juvenile justice system, including detention or release following arrest and in personal injury crimes or burglary, to submit prior comment for diversion of any case. To be accompanied to all juvenile justice proceedings. To have an opportunity to offer prior comment on the disposition including submission of a written or oral victim impact statement.